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You might have got the impression that there is a little bit more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye, and you will find out what it is. She is not a squib, although that is a very good guess. Oh, I am giving a lot away here. I am being shockingly indiscreet." - J.K. Rowling.

If the reveal had been that Petunia was a witch ~ Several years after the war, Harry tracks his aunt down to confront her with what he witnessed in the pensieve.




Jean Valjean in the first 10 minutes of the movie:  I only stole a loaf of bread

literally me for the rest of Les Miserables:


Fun fact! ^This line in Aladdin was a reference to Les Miserables. They had it because the girl who did the voice for Jasmine’s singing, Lea Salonga, played Eponine on broadway and is one of the most famous Eponines ever. She also went on to play Fantine and was the singing voice of Mulan


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u didn’t even try

i love it when he does that

i love it when he does that

Hey guys
so we’re coming up to the anniversary of the last time I tried to commit suicide. And yeah. I’m pretty proud of myself that I haven’t done anything like that in almost a year.

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“I have physical scars all over my body, but it’s the mental scars I’m worried about anyone seeing.”

My Mind Is My Worst Enemy // Cicatrice (via wheremythoughtsare)

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it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm

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No but can you just imagine Mrs Weasley getting to the magical afterlife one day and the first thing she sees is a girl with red hair sprinting towards her.

For a fleeting moment she thinks it’s Ginny, but as the girl comes closer she recognises the kind smile and the emerald eyes that are shining with tears. It’s Lily Potter.

Lily pulls Mrs Weasley into a tight hug and can only whisper three words before dissolving into tears.

"Thank you, Molly."


Kinda creepy that she thinks it’s Ginny tho.
I mean come on. Who wants to sleep with someone who looks like their parent?

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Weird things that have changed

I had mushrooms and I liked them
The idea of eating a Whopper is yucky
Dark chocolate is nicer than milk chocolate
I started to ship Romione






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  • Before jerking off : i would literally suck 6 dicks rn
  • After jerking off : men are gross

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I won’t remind you
you said we wouldn’t be apart

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